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Ruckus Wireless is a pioneering Smart Wi-Fi technology which effortlessly keeps up with the ever expanding demand for high-bandwidth applications and

Outperforming almost all other wireless services, Ruckus provides seamless connectivity through its wireless access points (APs).

“Smarter Wi-Fi for BYOD”

With its ease of deployment, Ruckus provides gigabit Wi-Fi suited to any businesses wanting uninterrupted, extra fast speeds.


With an expanding demand for internet based educational content combined with a proliferation of mobile devices, reliable wireless access point are

The education sector are progressively recognising the benefits of Ruckus Technology. With unified in-door and outdoor coverage, your devices can stay
connected where ever you are. Suitable for buildings set over large spaces, Ruckus is serving primary and secondary schools, academies, universities and
halls of residence.

“Students are the hardest challenge with connectivity. With live streaming and large downloads, fewer complaints are noticed when operating alongside


Advances in technology means more efficient day to day operations. Point of sale systems, remote order taking and mobile reservation access is now a
prerequisite for the hospitality industry.

Hotels and restaurants are benefitting from Ruckus’s stronger signals and ubiquitous coverage. Large chains including the likes of Marriott are connecting
guest rooms, staff quarters and common areas.


An ever growing stream of patients and innumerable electrical devices makes a well operating network necessary for healthcare establishments.

Thick walls and lots of users makes normal Wi-Fi useless to healthcare professionals. The consistent performance and focused signals for a stronger
connection makes Ruckus the safest choice.

Want the technical specifications?

High Performance

  • Handle multiple devices with Wave 2 technologies such as MU-MIMO and beamforming to deliver the latest generation of high performance wireless
  • Deliver reliable connectivity with Beamflex to ensure optimal wireless connectivity even in dense classrooms and auditoriums.
  • Scale to your needs with 3+1 clustering with the ability to load-balance the wireless traffic over 4 controllers for up to 30,000 ZoneFlex wireless
    access points and 300,000 clients.

Flexible Deployment

  • Deploy anywhere for unified indoor and outdoor WiFi performance with wall-mounted wireless access points, and mesh technology.
  • Reduce cost and increase flexibility by controlling WiFi in the cloud with the virtual SmartZone.
  • Easily change scale and migrate from one controller to another with Smart License.

Optimized Services

  • Quickly respond to emergency situations with beacon technology to notify emergency staff of the accurate locations of students during campus
  • Redesign your campus based on wait times, footfall traffic, and heat maps.
  • Reinforce campus services with promotions and messages directly to a student’s smart device. Notify in-range students of current wait times at their
    favorite lunch spot or campus book store.

Ruckus Smart Wireless can be installed and configured in minutes. In fast paced environments the network can be up and running by simply plugging in the
ZoneFlex meshing wireless access points into power outlets.

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