Penetration Testing

Open IP offer various penetration testing strategies. Penetration Tests (pen tests) give your organisation the piece of mind that your network is secure from both inside and outside attacks. The tests exploit any vulnerabilities present on your systems and are used worldwide to identify and quantify risk.


Black Box Testing

During a black box test you do not provide us with any information about your infrastructure other than your URL. Internal and external attempts are made to forcefully penetrate your network systems and defences. This identifies entry points and vulnerabilities working as a simulation of how an internet hacker would attack.

Functional Testing

This closed box testing identifies entry points and vulnerabilities. This service is more time consuming but gives a better indication and simulation of how a hacker would attack.

Grey Box Testing

A grey box test is carried out with limited details of your infrastructure. Internal and external attempts are made accessing partial architecture such as number of sites, external connections and hardware details of firewall etc. This scenario highlights the accessibility of users on web applications including the user’s roles and accounts.

Translucent Testing

This testing tool identifies adherence to Policies & Procedures. The method is a combination of black and white box testing, resulting in knowledge of the visibility a more focused time set to spend on specific areas.

White Box Testing

In a white box test you provide us with detailed information about your infrastructure. Internal and external attempts are made with full access to architecture documents, source code and credentials within the environment. This scenario identifies to what extent users on the network can misuse their privileges.

Structural Testing

This glass box testing identifies adherence to Policies & Procedures. This technique gives the most detailed test results but does overlook the visibility of the network to outsiders.


At OpenIP, we follow the reporting layout.  If you would like an example report, please contact or call us on 01204 707146 and we will be happy to provide this.