OpenIP is a Metronet Reseller

What is available?

Metronet (UK) specialises in providing last mile wireless leased line and/or point-to-point connectivity from 1Mbps to 1Gbps. As the solution in wireless we are able to provision circuits that meet the specific bandwidth requirements of each of our customers.

We are able to deploy wireless equipment as dedicated last mile solutions with no contention and because we entirely own our own network, there is no dependence upon BT, Virgin or any other legacy fibre provider.

How does it work?

Our wireless connections are services by high-rise Point of Presence (PoP) sites that ensure maximum coverage for the urban areas in which the network operates. Connectivity is always reliant upon line of sight from your building to one of these PoPs and where required, we can confirm the feasibility of providing a service by performing a survey free of charge,

How does the installation process work?

We can install the connection within 5-10 days subject to landlord approval and line of sight confirmation. On receipt of order, our installation team will approach the agreed contact to arrange for the installation to take place.

A small radio will be installed on the exterior of the building and the location of the equipment on the roof will be agreed with the building owner or landlord in advance. From this, the appropriate feeder cables will be run to the IT or Server room, or another location as required. Here, it is presented using an Ethernet RJ45 interface unless otherwise specified.

How is wireless different to fibre?

Wireless connections offer many of the same benefits as fibre such as low latency and high availability. There are added value features that make the Metronet (UK) wireless connection more attractive than a standard fibre circuit:

  • The best support in the industry – backed by unparalleled service level guarantees and back up that is simply not forthcoming from BT and other legacy network operators.
  • Cost savings over fibre circuits –based upon a fixed price model, unlike legacy operators for which price dependent upon location.
  • Delivery in a fraction of the time taken to deliver fibre – typically we can install a circuit within 5 working days of receiving an order.
  • Scalability – We can upgrade customers to a higher bandwidth rate remotely at a moments notice.
  • Flexibility – As the circuit is delivered over the air, it is easy to relocate should there be a requirement for you to move sites.
  • No Contention – All of our connections are un-contended symmetrical leased lines all the way from your building to the point of lay off inside the World Wide Web.

Is wireless reliable – what about the weather?

We select best of breed technology that has been tested in the most challenging environments and we constantly manage every aspect of our network to ensure that is performs reliably at all times.

Sophisticated and network-specific detailed monitoring enables our staff to analyse unusual events, diagnose problems promptly and take corrective action remotely usually before customers are effected or aware of any network errors.
Our constant network management means that we can provide a much more proactive level of service than any other network operator. We are confident enough to offer our customers a stringent service level commitment off 99.95% network uptime.

Is it secure?

A Metronet (UK) wireless IP connection is arguably more secure than a fibre/Cat5 connection. We employ proprietary frequency hopping algorithms that are vendor specific and unique to radio pairs. The algorithms appear completely random to any equipment that does not officially form part of the network. Even a sophisticated radio engineer equipped with expensive spectrum analyser systems could do no more than establish that spectrum was being employed, it would not be possible to interpret data. Add this AES encryption between your premises and our PoP site and the security case is made.

What about support?

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer servicer and consider this to be a key reason behind the company’s success. Every connection is supported by a service level agreement (SLA) that other operators can only dream about. All our customers have access to support 24/7/365 and you can talk to a member of our team at any time day or night.

No technology solution is perfect. However, where a Metronet (UK) customer experiences a problem, we do whatever it takes to resolve it within 4 hours. We believe in proactive network management and should there be cause for concern, an engineer will contact you to establish any on site issues. Owning our own network from end-to-end means that we don’t pass the buck.

What service levels or guarantees are offered?

Our proactive network management approach means that we can confidently offer a more robust service guarantee than any other network operator. You will receive:

  • A 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for network uptime
  • A 4 hour commitment to fix

What about the price?

Costing your circuit is simple and straightforward. We do not operate a ‘one size fits all’ approach as the needs of every customer are different. Costs are quoted on an individual basis, based on your specific requirements. We charge a flat fee low cost installation and offer a simple pricing structure.

What else does Metronet (UK) do?

MPLS solutions to enable you to build your own private network across Metronet (UK)’s infrastructure

  • Wholesale 3rd party fibre circuit provision to integrate locations outside Metronet (UK)’s immediate areas of coverage into homogenous network solutions.
  • Low cost managed firewalls either at your premises or in the cloud to reduce costs and ingoing support requirements.
  • Co-location in data centres that are ‘on-fibre’ to give you full speed access to your hosted servers.
  • Online managed backup to ensure that your data is securely backed up off site at wire speed.
  • Disaster Recovery circuits delivered rapidly or operating permanently on standby.
  • Temporary connectivity for wide ranging requirements such as public events and short-term office accommodation.
  • Trusted supplier for the delivery of high quality managed networks.

Need some more information?

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