Intelligently managed routers and switches are the key components of the modern IP network, and whether you’re just starting out in business or are you are well established with a user base in the thousands spread across multiple sites, OpenIP will work with you to discover your requirements and deliver the solution that’s right for your business.

Our highly skilled consulting engineers have years of experience in deploying Cisco and SonicWALL routers and firewalls at the edge, and Cisco and HP ProCurve switches in the core of the network. Naturally our services don’t just stop once your network is up and running; our dedicated support team can proactively monitor, maintain and manage your network, leaving you to get on with doing what you do best: running a responsive, internet enabled business.

Cisco Network Solutions 

A systems approach begins with a single, resilient platform such as the Cisco integrated services routers.  A systems approach combines packaging with intelligent services within and between services, and weaves voice, security, routing, and application services together, so that processes become more automated and more intelligent.  The results are pervasive security in the network and applications; higher QoS for data, voice, and video traffic; increased time to productivity; and better use of network resources.
With the integrated services router; Cisco offers a comprehensive, future-proofed solution that minimises network outages and ensures access to the most business-critical applications.  Cisco’s focus on integrating new infrastructure services with performance enables companies to create networks that are more intelligent, resilient, and reliable.

ProCurve Network Solutions 

ProCurve Networking’s business is based on focus, innovation and service.  Our solutions have always been developed with the customer’s current and future needs in mind.  ProCurve provides a dynamic infrastructure designed to keep up with advancing technology and user needs while protecting your business investments.


Protecting organisations’ information assets through rigorous network security continues to be an important requirement for both IT and business management.


Converged networks are commonly used to support business environments where employees and customers are demanding access to advanced applications and new ways of collaborating across business objectives.


As more and more employees work remotely, companies are challenged to provide remote workers with the same network access and application persistence they receive in the office.

Sonicwall Security Products:

SonicWALL’s family of network security appliances combines robust security services with high-speed deep packet inspection to provide organisations of all sizes the best protection.  SonicWALL TZ and PRO Series appliances are designed to reduce cost, risk and complexity by integrating automated and dynamic security capabilities for comprehensive protection and maximum performance.

SonicWALL’s layered approach to network security removes the burden and complication created by other solutions, whilst providing a higher level of protection.  Each SonicWALL network security appliance can be configured and customised with an expanding array of security services into a solution which will integrate seamlessly into any network whilst providing complete protection. Every appliance is capable of integrating support for gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, enforced desktop anti-virus, content filtering, wireless security and more.  SonicWALL appliances also intelligently enforce and dynamically update each of these services as new updates become available.


Fully-loaded, fully-capable, and fully-standard, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi products and patented technologies offer unmatched simplicity, ridiculous reliability, and killer coverage.

Their industrial-strength Smart Wireless LAN products for enterprise systems eliminate cost and complexity, while delivering unprecedented performance and reliability.

Indoor, outdoor, meshed, video, voice, data, 802.11n, 802.11a, 802.11g—take your pick. Everything you need is uniformly managed as a single, centralised Wireless LAN with ZoneDirector. Or you can manage thousands of standalone APs or ZoneFlex wireless LANs remotely with FlexMaster.

And the Smart Wi-Fi products support even the most rigid, latency-sensitive applications—offering carrier-level quality and ironclad security to enterprises and service providers everywhere.