IT Networking

Whatever the size of business, you and your employees rely on a functional IT network on a day to day basis to access, share and store information

Your IT network lies at the core of all business operations and a well-structured system can provide you with excellent communications and increased productivity. By having a reliable and secure computer network, both employees and clients can benefit from better customer contact and trust in the organisation.

‘IT Networks, the cornerstone of infrastructure’


For a first class network, both wired and wireless systems need to be properly managed and calibrated for proper usability. Everything is online now, and as more and more things move to the cloud, a well-structured computer network is more important than ever.

By integrating services between your software and hardware, and wired and wireless frameworks, you create an unparalleled connection that produces a seamless network.


For the untrained eye, it can be a difficult task to sync up your infrastructure to run side by side. That is where OpenIP come in. With our qualified support team, we can quickly and easily repair and improve existing networks, or plan and implement a brand new framework for you.

Looking at your Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN), our professional technicians are able to determine the best method to create a secure and reliable network.

We have over 10 years’ experience in creating, implementing and maintaining precise strategies to a variety of different business needs.

Affordability, responsiveness, experience and friendly service – that is the magic formula to create the perfect IT solution for any business. How do we know? Because we have one of the best client retention rates in the industry. How did we do it? By listening to what our clients told us.

To see some of the organisations we have worked with you can read about some of our achievements here.

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At OpenIP, we believe in the personal touch. Computer Networking can be a big job and we understand you don’t want to invite strangers into your business and play with you network.

Come and Meet the Team, you can get a feel of us and meet some of our technical experts who will be working on your system.