We only use the best at Open IP and we use Dell SonicWALL. Sophisticated security platforms make these next-generation device’s stop the most advanced of threats against your IT and networks. Suitable for any business size you can purchase out-right or look at our managed services.


Sonicwall tz family
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Network Access Controls

How would you stop an employee using their own virus riddled laptop on your IT network? This is just one use for Network Access Controls (NAC). NAC works by using software and best practises to monitor everything that lies locally to interrogate all devices and protect your network.

Content filtering provides an added layer of defense to your network. Employees are your biggest asset, but what they do on your network can be a hindrance if your system is not managed properly. Content filtering restricts and monitors what your employees can access and allow into the network.

Network security monitoring is essential to a safe and secure network. With BYOD and cloud computing becoming such regular practise, a continuous stream of network and IT monitoring is more important than ever. That’s why we have a dedicated Network Security Monitoring site coming very soon!



OpenIP Network Security

With OpenIP Network Security analysis, our customers have gained:

  • The secure delivery of online services
  • Secure collaboration among employees and partners (across networks)
  • A reduced cost of security and compliance management
  • Protection against both insider threats and external attacks


Whether you need a full IT network overhaul or tightening up of specific areas contact our dedicating customer service team for advice on the most suitable practises for your business. And don’t worry, we work on a case by case basis and always look for the most cost efficient way to secure your network.

We realise every business has its own strategy and goals. That’s why we like to speak to you personally to find out the best practise for you and your organisation.

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