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OpenIP NextGen Communications Platform

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OpenIP NextGen is a managed IP telephony service providing you with a set of feature rich services, without having to purchase a phone system or extra standard phone lines, giving you potential cost savings and efficiency gains.

Set-up is easy and you don’t need to worry as our technical team will take care of everything for you making sure the transition to our service is as painless as possible.

You get a wide range of calling features all at no extra cost such as our navigator software and enterprise functionality such as voicemail to email. We can also offer premium services such as call recording and contact centre software at a very small on-going monthly cost.

With a traditional phone system you have a large capital outlay or operating lease to worry about and then in several years time you have to start all over again. With our service you are assured an extremely low up front cost which usually can be offset by the great call costs we offer from 6p per minute UK mobiles to 0.75p per minute Local and National calls. Also any intersite calls are free of charge so if your business is multisite greater savings can be made. We can also tailor packages as well including unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles starting from £5 per month.
Immediately reduce your current call costs by using a data connection, slashing your line rental charges and benefit from free calls between your sites
Ensure your business is fully protected. If your office experiences problems you can simply route calls to mobiles or another office without your customers noticing a difference. We can even do this for you automatically on request.uptime
No on-site equipment needed. All support and maintenance is provided off site by our skilled engineers. Only equipment necessary on-site are the telephone handsets.
With our NextGen service you can rest assured that in the event of a disaster such as a fire or flood we can have you up and running in no time. We have the ability to actively monitor your site and in the event of a break in service at your site we can divert within seconds automatically for you. We also ensure your service is stable in the event we have a problem by using our comprehensive network of secure data centres in the UK.
Divert calls from your desk phone to your mobile, so you never have to be incommunicado.
With OpenIP’s resilient network you are safe in the knowledge that you will benefit from 99.9% uptime