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Is your business compliant?

There are many benefits to recording your business calls. Some of these are resolving disputes quickly and improving the performance of your staff by working with them to improve their technique.

Benefits of Call Recording:

  • Call Recording can identify training needs in private and public organisations
  • Call Recording provides evidence of actions taken, vital in liability and financial interactions
  • Integration with Communications Management applications provides the complete cost analysis of your operation
  • Call Recording can provide Compliance with industry regulation
  • Call Recording can identify who your most and least successful agents are.
  • Call Recording can tell you who is making excessive personal telephone calls
  • Call Recording provides the measurement for your management


The market for Call Recording is growing at a double digit rate and there are three principal reasons for this.

Firstly, in an ever-litigious world, the need to be able to prove actions has become a necessity for companies processing financial transactions over the phone – e.g. call centres and the legal sector – or in public sector organisations where there are liability issues.

Secondly, the recording of calls is an excellent aid to training and staff development functions, whilst the final reason is that the technology has become both more sophisticated – integration with Communications Management for example – as well as more cost effective.

Thirdly, Compliance. There are a number of organisations where Call Recording is either mandatory, for example, Fire, Police and Ambulance services, or where it is about to become mandatory through regulation – for example, the Financial Service Authority regulations which come in to force in November 2011.

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From November 2011 any company regulated by the FSA must have all calls on company mobiles recorded. There are many other reasons why it is beneficial to record your company mobile calls such as:

  • Dispute Resolution – Calls can be found calls quickly and an extract of the call can be emailed to a client to confirm contract details
  • Compliance Demonstration – It is quick and easy to show that compliance rules have been followed
  • Quality Monitoring – Calls can be reviewed to ensure that all clients have been dealt with professionally at all times
  • Performance Improvement – Recorded calls help staff to develop their telephone and telesales techniques
  • Conference Facilities – Share conference calls and online meetings with business colleagues