Dixons Suffer Data Breach

Dixons Carphone has admitted a huge data breach involving 5.9 million payment cards and 1.2 million personal data records.
It is investigating the hacking attempt, which began in July last year.
Dixons Carphone said it had no evidence that any of the cards had been used fraudulently following the breach.
There was “an attempt to compromise” 5.8 […]

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Christmas 2017

To prepare for the Christmas period we ask that you put any requests for phone system changes, such as IVR/Voicemail/opening hours, in before the 23rd December. Unfortunately, any requests made after this date we cannot guarantee will be implemented due to the volume of support requests during that times. 
Any changes for the IVR and […]

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OpenIP Security Practices

OpenIP has compiled together it’s top tips in getting the most out of your security systems.

The PDF download details the most effective methods to create the most complecated, secure passwords that are easy for the user to remember. With insider information, you can find out how to spot a phishing email like the experts do. […]

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Overview of the GDPR

Overview of the GDPR

What is GDPR?
The General Data Protection Regulation was adpoted by the EU in May 2016. The document which will come into force in May 2018 will supersede the UK’s current Data Protection Act.

How will GDPR be different to the Data Protection Act?
Once imposed, the GDPR will impose new regulations that give […]

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When OpenIP Went to Haydock

When OpenIP Went to Haydock
About a week ago OpenIP hosted our network security event at Haydock Racecourse.


Amidst all the horse racing, food and drinks, we actually gained some very useful and important information (don’t worry if you missed it we have recorded all the highlights for you).

With a big thanks to our partners Dell […]

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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware- Holding your business hostage since 2005

Ransomware in the wild is not a new discovery. First cases of the infection were spotted over a decade ago in Russia. Since then it has evolved and spread into a worldwide threat.

What is Ransomware?
A variant of malware, it installs malicious software onto a device, denying access to […]

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How to: Can I import settings from one SonicWALL UTM device to another?

How to: Can I import settings from one SonicWALL UTM device to another?
If you have recently purchased a new firewall and want to import the settings from your old device, check here to see importing preferences.
Gen5 to Gen6
If you have moved from the last generation to the next generation, you will find all the […]

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Top 6 Industries Most at Risk of Cyber-Crime

Top 6 Industries Most at Risk of Cyber-Crime
Hackers leave no stone un-turned in their quest for data. They aren’t fussy and will breach any network they can get there computer onto. That being said, there are industries at higher risk of falling victim to cyber-crime than others. It all boils down to the potential […]

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5 things IT Managers should look for in a Next-Generation Firewall

5 things IT Managers should look for in a Next-Generation Firewall.
Firewalls have seen a lot of changes over recent years, with changes to enterprises and the way our networks operate, they now have much more pressure on them as a front-line defence to protect out systems.


Next-Generation firewalls (NGFW) are the current ranges of firewalls […]

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Are you in denial? Time to wake up to the risks of cyber crime

Are you in denial? Time to wake up to the risks of cyber crime
Each year our reliance on the internet rises and at the same time, so do cyber-attacks. It’s time that businesses and industry leaders wake up and learn how to prevent and limit damage when it comes to network breaches.

“The art of […]

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